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What are the application fields of glass tempering furnace?
25 Apr. 2024

What are the application fields of glass tempering furnace?

Glass tempering furnaces are utilized in various industries for producing tempered glass, which is renowned for its enhanced strength and safety properties. Here are some application fields where tempered glass produced by tempering furnaces finds widespread use:

Construction: Tempered glass is extensively used in the construction industry for applications such as:

Exterior windows and doors

Glass facades and curtain walls

Glass railings and balustrades

Skylights and canopies

Glass partitions and dividers

Automotive: In the automotive sector, tempered glass is employed for:


Side and rear windows



Headlights and taillights

Consumer Electronics: Tempered glass is commonly found in consumer electronic devices for:

glass tempering furnace

Smartphone and tablet screens

Touch panels

LCD and LED displays

Oven doors

Microwave oven doors

Furniture: In the furniture industry, tempered glass is used for:



Cabinet doors

Display cases

Appliances: Tempered glass is utilized in various household appliances including:

Oven doors

Refrigerator shelves

Stovetop panels

Fireplace doors

Safety and Security: Tempered glass is employed in applications where safety and security are paramount, such as:

glass tempering furnace

Glass doors and partitions in public buildings

Bus shelters and public transportation vehicles

Sports arenas and stadiums

Bullet-resistant glass applications

Greenhouses and Agricultural Structures: Tempered glass is used in greenhouse construction to provide a controlled environment for plant growth while ensuring durability and safety.

Marine: In marine applications, tempered glass is utilized for windows, portholes, and windscreens on boats and ships.

The versatility, strength, and safety features of tempered glass make it a preferred choice in various industries where the reliability and performance of glass products are crucial. Tempering furnaces play a critical role in producing high-quality tempered glass to meet the stringent requirements of these diverse applications.