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How much does a glass tempering furnace cost?
20 Feb. 2024

How much does a glass tempering furnace cost?

Glass tempering furnaces are heavy-duty equipment that require a lot of money to purchase, and inspection and maintenance are also limited. Therefore, when purchasing a glass tempering furnace, the comprehensive performance, after-sales service, and later maintenance of the tempering equipment are all factors that should be considered. It is recommended to purchase tempering furnaces manufactured by professional tempering equipment manufacturers. They generally have their own R&D bases and manufacturing plants. The technology and quality control of the products can be guaranteed, and they can provide more professional and complete after-sales services.

According to the structure, glass tempering furnaces can be divided into flat tempering furnaces, flat and curved two-way tempering furnaces, unequal arc tempering furnaces, etc. According to the heating form, they can be divided into radiant tempering furnaces and forced convection tempering furnaces. Different specifications have different price methods, and of course the prices are also different. It mainly depends on what kind of glass you want to process.

Glass tempering furnaces price

glass tempering furnace

The price of a small glass tempering furnace is 120,000-160,000 yuan. The common specifications are 700*1700 and 600*1300. The whole machine has small power and is suitable for personal factories. It is flexible and convenient to heat up and temper at any time.

Generally speaking, the price of most radiation tempering furnaces is 700,000-800,000 yuan, and the price of forced convection tempering furnaces is more than 1.5 million. Of course, the prices of each manufacturer are also different. Specifically, the tempering furnace can be divided according to its structure, which can be divided into horizontal tempering furnace, flat and curved two-way tempering furnace, hanging tempering furnace, and type tempering furnace; according to the heating method, it can be divided into radiation tempering furnace and forced convection tempering. Furnace; convection tempering furnace is divided into tube convection, box convection and compressed air convection.

The structure determines the price, which has different effects on the quality and power consumption of tempered glass. Different specifications, models, structures, and configurations determine different product prices, mainly based on the customer's positioning and demand for glass deep processing. For products of the same model, there will be a price difference of hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands from different manufacturers.

The price of a small glass tempering furnace is generally between 200,000 and 500,000 yuan. Common specifications include 400mm*1200mm, 600mm*1500mm, 800mm*2000mm, etc. The power of the whole machine is small, generally below 100 kilowatts, and is suitable for making small-sized glass such as instrument glass, window glass, crystal door glass, display glass, etc.

The price of medium-sized glass tempering furnace is generally 600,000-1.2 million yuan. Common specifications include 2500mm*2000mm, 3600mm*2200mm, 3600mm*2400mm, etc. It is suitable for building doors and windows, shower doors, partition glass, etc.

For tempering plants with relatively large output, it is necessary to choose large tempering furnaces such as 5000mm*2400mm, 6000mm*2400mm, 6000mm*2700mm, etc., or choose double-chamber tempering furnaces or continuous furnaces.

The price of most radiation tempering furnaces on the domestic market is between 500,000 and 1.5 million yuan, and the price of forced convection tempering furnaces is more than 1 million.

Compared with the price war, uneven products and fierce market competition in the same industry, Yuantu Technology tempering furnace is committed to providing new and old customers with higher products and products with lower operating costs, so that "the foundry industry is far more advanced and more competitive." "You share the same plan" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

A suggestion to customers: Products always come at a price. When buying a product, please don’t just pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the value of the product! Finally, I will share the features of the glass tempering furnace with you~

Glass tempering furnaces features

glass tempering furnace

1. The furnace length and air grille, which are several times longer than those of conventional equipment, allow the glass to be heated to the tempering temperature in one-way motion, and be quickly tempered and cooled;

2. Flexible speed curve regulation to adapt to the physical state of glass at different times; for different specifications of glass, logical servo control continuous production mode and pure continuous production mode can be set;

3. The wind turbine continues to work during the production process, and the energy saving effect is obvious;

4. There is no need to reciprocate during the heating and cooling process, which significantly reduces quality defects such as white fog, scratches, and waves;

5. Continuous tempering process doubles output.

6. The glass produced by the tempering furnace must be smooth and have good granularity.

7. Manufacturers must have their own business, have their own unique technologies, teams, and factories. Don’t be deceived by some leather goods companies. )

8. The tempering furnace must be energy-saving. If you save 1 kilowatt hour of electricity per square meter, you will get 1 yuan more.

9. The tempering furnace must be smart and easy to operate. Don’t increase labor costs needlessly

Everyone knows that when buying something, you need to shop around. Especially if you have enough money to buy this kind of non-standard equipment, you must find the right manufacturer. Don’t just listen to the price, but more importantly, pay attention to good quality to make your choice more secure~